About Us

Lazy In Nature

Lazy in Nature is an organization whose passion and focus is to promote being lazy in nature.  In other words, take time out of your day, week, or year to not only enjoy nature but immerse yourself in all that it has to offer; so that you can appreciate natural healing. Whether you are hiking a mountain, walking a trail, or meditating on a beach, take your time, breathe, and embrace the journey. 

Message from our CEO

Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Here at Lazy in Nature, our focus is to promote a continuous and meaningful relationship with nature. For me, that meant being close to God and the universe while healing, finding myself, and appreciating the infinite beauty this world has to offer. I can sit at a waterfall for hours or go earthing while dancing all by myself to nature‚Äôs music. For you, your journey may be the same or even different. Your connection with nature maybe camping, enjoying the sound of an ocean, or even creating a new hiking trail for others to follow. Whatever it is, I developed Lazy in Nature to help you fully embrace the journey of discovery, peace, and fulfillment found with being in nature. Not only that, I want to embrace your journey with you, so please do not hesitate to share. Be on the lookout for even more exciting content, forums, blogs, and products coming soon! Embrace the journey! 

Charlene Bell, aka Nature’s Girl