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James River Pipeline

Close your eyes and feel the vibration ✨ Mother Earth 🌏 is magical. There are so many places you can sit and recharge. That’s the beauty of Lazy In Nature™️. You don’t have to just hike or camp, nor do you have to wear workout gear to take a long walk. You just have to go out into nature just be.

After a long walk, I was able to sit on the narow metal walkway and watch the sunset 🌅while listening to the water rapids. Twenty-five mins later, my butt started to hurt from the vibration of the powerful train that passed overhead. Or maybe it hurt because I wore that thin [bleep] dress 👗. Hahaha!

It doesn’t matter. I just pulled myself up and continued to look up at the moving train. Man, it was LOUD!! It was so loud, I decided to yell and howl like a wolf. My friend was only a few steps away and had no clue I was being silly making wolf sounds.  Heck, that’s the beauty of nature and life. You can be free, wild, and feel the vibration on your butt 😂

James River Rapids
CSX Train Tracks James River

What was the last silly thing you did in nature? 

Embrace the journey


Nature’s Girl, aka Charlene Bell

📍James River Park Pipeline, Virginia