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Group Hike

For the last 20 years, I would escape alone in nature to hike. People would always say, girl, you are crazy for going into the woods alone. The reality is hiking alone always felt natural to me. I was more afraid of walking along a busy road with cars speeding by blowing the horn or sometimes stopping to yell, can I take you out? Alone in nature, I felt at peace. No one to rush me. No one complained about the rain, heat, or cold, just me staying as long as I wanted to refill my bucket. I always heard the expression; you cannot give from an empty bucket; however, 2019 and 2020 helped me understand what that meant. A few challenges forced me to spend hours in nature. Sometimes I would go a few times a week. Once I’d felt full, I felt free. 

About two months ago, a friend invited me to hike with a small group of women. At first, I hesitated because I was used to hiking alone, and from past experiences, I’ve dealt with grumpy people who did not genuinely enjoy hiking. However, due to Covid, I really wanted to interact with people, so I agreed to join the ladies on the next hike. I was excited about the choice to join the group. The women were phenomenal. Everyone had a humble vibe. The hike was such a success a group was formed by Jennifer Michelle. The group’s name is Culture Queens Outdoors. You can find out more about this group on Instagram. 

Currently, I still spend 90 percent of my time alone in nature. However, it’s all about what you need at that moment. I feel nature is great for the soul. So, if you have not started hiking, walking trails on the greenway, or sitting on the beach to listen to the ocean, I encourage you to just GO! Go alone or phone a friend that can join you on your journey. I promise you it is rewarding.

Rock on!! Nature Girl aka Charlene A Bell

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