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Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was a perfect day to hike. The sky was clear, the air was warm and I had energy to burn! Around 2pm I jumped into my car to head to South Mountain State Park located in Connelly Springs, NC. The drive from Charlotte, NC is about one hour and twenty-five minutes. Traffic was moving along nicely as I was able to maintain a good speed. Once I arrived at South Mountain I decided to pull into the visitors center area. I’ve visited South Mountain about 18-22 times and never stopped there. I walked in and was surprise to see a small area to shop for tee-shirts, small backpacks, snacks, safety kits, and a few other things. To the left of the of the visitor’s center featured a museum-quality exhibit on the culture and nature history of South Mountain. It was so cute and it had a soothing sound of the waterfall. 

South Mountain is a place I’ve spent a lot if time during during my healing process. I would sit alone for hours staring at 80-foot waterfall. The force of the water recharged my soul and helped me maintain lasting positive energy throughout the week. On Easter Sunday I did not think twice about returning to the mountain to connect with God, nature, and the universe. I was full of gratitude. As I started my hike I had to force myself to slow down and take in natures music. The trees were full and beautiful. The sun was strong and warm and the birds were doing what they do best; singing loudly. I felt so free. Everyone I passed on the trail had a radiant smile as if they also felt the connection and love from nature. It was a beautiful experience and I truly “embrace the journey” and felt at peace.

Much love!! Nature’s Girl aka  Charlene A Bell

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