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Birthday Celebration: Part II

Multnomah Falls

Part two of my birthday celebration. Allow me to catch you up just a little in case you’ve missed part one. Part one of my birthday bash consists of hiking a former volcano while dealing with a double eye infection from some fake lashes. I pushed through the pain and had a blast!!

Part two of my birthday happened to be extremely special. Currently, my heart is still full from that experience. Ok, what is it?? It was an in-person visit, hike, and meditation at the one and only extremally beautiful Multnomah Fall!! Yes, it took all that to describe this fantastic waterfall. 

Short story… hahaha About nine years ago, I came across a picture of Multnomah Falls online while searching for the most beautiful waterfalls to visit. I saved a screenshot of the waterfall on my cell phone, then added it to my must-visit list. However, life happened (not in a bad way), but the picture sat buried among 20,000 other images on my phone. In 2014, I came across another image that reminded me I still wanted to experience this waterfall, so I screenshot it again. 

Multnomah Falls, Headed to the Top

Ok, friends, I said I was going to keep it short. Lol Later in 2016, another reminder, 2017 another reminder, 2018 a painting of this falls was in an Airbnb (another reminder). Near the end of 2018, I received a framed portrait of Multnomah Falls as a gift for Christmas (another reminder), and finally mid-2021, I was able to visit, hike, and enjoy MF for my birthday. 

The experience was magical because I had a great connection when I first laid eyes on a picture of the waterfall. I could not attach words to why I connected; I just did. We all like to believe most things have a time and a season, and 2021 was the time and season in my life to experience MF. It was worth the wait. I hiked the waterfall with a person that understood my vision and connection to waterfalls. The beauty of not being rushed is so important to me. That is the second most important reason why most times I hike solo. The first most important reason is, it’s my time to cleanse, heal, and connect with God. 

Multnomah Falls, view from the top. Beautiful

Currently, it has not been revealed to me why my connection was so strong with Multnomah Falls from first sight, but I am a firm believer that Everything happens for a reason.

Multnomah Falls Bridge

What is one thing you connected with years ago and were able to experience, and how was it? Please share below and remember, Lazy In Nature is all about Embracing the journey. No matter how big or small, the moments add value to your memories. 

Warm hugs,

Nature’s Girl, aka Charlene Bell

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Birthday Celebration: Part I

Beacon Rock State Park

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog, and I thank you for being patient with me. After my fantastic birthday celebration, I developed a double eye infection. After dealing with that for about seven days, I had the worst sinus infection in the World!!! Yes. You’ve read the words correctly. LOL

I slowed down the healing process because I hate meds, and as soon as I started feeling a little better, I stopped taking them, jumped up, and hiked in the rain. Man, did the pain return!! My head and nostrils felt like it was going to explode!! 

Finally, I am better. After playing catch-up in every area of my life, I can sit down and inform you about my birthday celebration. Yay!!

Welcome to chapter 45. After all, I have been through; I am blessed with another trip around the sun. Pop the confetti and get the twerking!! Whoop whoop!! 🎉

My Love, tried to surprise me with a trip to Portland, Oregon but was forced to tell me where we were going because I needed to pack my hiking boots and clothes. You know I had an enormous bag filled with 4-5 dresses, shorts, bathing suits, serval pairs of shoes, sandals, and more. He told me it was only for the weekend, and I did not need that much stuff. Like hell!!! Never say to a lady she’s going away for a trip and don’t disclose where it is. We need our closet with us. Lol. 

Little to say, I reduced the bag size just a little and added my hiking gear. Before my flight, I decided to get my eyelashes done since it was a day before my birthday. Then off to Portland we went. While on the flight, my eyes became itchy. I thought no big deal. Maybe the lashes are causing my eyes to feel dry, and that was causing the itch. Well, 5.5 hours later, we landed. I was so excited!! While waiting for the rental car, my eyes kept filling with tears. Not tears of joy, but tears from irritation, not today, devil!! 💫

I was still a little naïve about what was going on. I thought my eyes were running, and my allergies were acting up because we had to wear the mask the whole flight and while still in the airport building. That would make sense, right? We are going on about 8 hours with a mask covering our face. The reality is I was not going to let anything stop me from enjoying my birthday in Oregon. I knew my surprise, but we will talk about that in part two of this blog, or this blog would turn into a novel. Hahhaha. 

Since it was August 19th and my birthday was on the 20th, we decided to save my surprise until the next day. If you know me, you know what that means. Research time!!! We had our rental car and needed somewhere to go after checking into the hotel with my large, I mean, medium bag. I had a plan.

I found a spot about 55 mins from Portland. Once I am on vacation with a rental car, I do not care if the location is 4-5 hours away. If I want to go, I am going. Lord, I feel sorry for my partner. LOL 😆 

Nearly an hour later, we arrived at Beacon Rock State Park, located in Stevenson, Washington. This place was immaculate! Beacon Rock itself is the core of an ancient volcano. (I know, right!!) It has over 4,400 – acres of land, and it is located in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge. You can do Everything here like camping, hiking, fishing, horse riding, boating, and more. I had to hike this former volcano. On my way up, the experience was nothing short of amazing.  I was in awe of how beautiful mother nature appeared. The air was clean and light. The trees stood erect, greeting each visitor with their unique beauty. The land stayed green as it sipped freshwater as needed from the Columbia River. 

The Trail Up Beacon Rock

The trail up Beacon Rock was built directly onto the side of the rock between 1915 – 1918 by philanthropist Henry Biddle. The trail was well designed and kid-friendly. 

The View of Columbia River Gorge

I felt like a big kid hiking, skipping, and singing all the way up. I felt overwhelmed with how beautiful the view was the whole trail. Once I reached the top, I embraced the panoramic view of the Gorge.

The Top of Beacon Rock, Being Lazy In Nature

I sat for about an hour being Lazy In Nature until my tummy started to growl, alerting me and others that it was time to eat. Lastly, we headed down the trail. Man, I had the same excitement going down as I did going up.

Hiking Break Headed Down Beacon Rock

The colors of the sky began to change, adding a burst of fire, red and orange. The trees looked like a painting. You could not tell I was hungry because I left my friend speed walking, singing, and skipping down the trail. Nature’s beauty gives me energy, and I forward to my next journey. Stay tuned for part two.

Beacon Rock View from the Boating Dock. It looks like a Volcano.

Have you visited Beacon Rock? What was your experience?

Virtual Hugs,

Nature’s Girl, aka Charlene Bell

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Getaway in Nature

When you need to recharge or tap into your creativity without distractions, choose nature and consider Getaway. 

This place was beautiful. My house name was Hortense. Ironically, Hortense is a girl’s name of Latin origin, meaning “of the garden.” Since I am Nature’s Girl, I felt that was so cool. 😃

My tiny home sat in the middle of nature with a trail leading to a sexy pond. Tall trees were surrounding the pond with a small waterfall that produced beautiful music. I could have sat outside for hours, but the large window by my bed allowed me to feel like I was sitting in the middle of nature without the mosquitoes 🦟 biting my azz. 

Before turning in for the night, you know I had to get my eat on. This space had the cutest kitchen with a magnetic strip beneath the cabinet that holds various sharp knives. The kitchen was equipped with a few pots, pans, and dishes. All I had to bring was my seasonings and the items I wanted to cook. I marinated my chicken overnight at home, so all I had to prep was the sides. I made curry corn, cucumber salad, and chicken tortellini.

Before turning in for the night, you know I had to get my eat on. This space had the cutest kitchen with a magnetic strip beneath the cabinet that holds various sharp knives. The kitchen was equipped with a few pots, pans, and dishes. All I had to bring was my seasonings and the items I wanted to cook. I marinated my chicken overnight at home, so all I had to prep was the sides. I made curry corn, cucumber salad, and chicken tortellini.

Yes. I am extra 🥰 While cooking my food in the kitchen, I was rocking out to the music that played clearly on a small radio that Getaway provided in my space. 

The fire from the grill outside was intense, and dancing around my marinated chicken kabobs. Once the food was done, I sat outside to eat and listen to nature. The insects were singing loud. Every now and then, I could hear the firewood popping. This experience was magical. I ended up with mosquito bites in places I don’t care to announce😂, but I would not trade that experience for anything in the world. 

I can’t wait to book another few nights. 

Have you stayed with Getaway? What was your experience? 

Embrace the Journey and be Lazy In Nature


Nature’s Girl, aka Charlene Bell 

📍Asheboro, NC

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Embrace the Journey & Safety


Many times during my hike and my deep connection with nature, I allow my inner child to run free. I feel energetic, excited, powerful, and just full of life. Man, that is a magical moment. However, I have to remember my own rules about safety. Sometimes that means restraining myself and making sure I am wearing proper hiking gear to have a safe hike. While driving home, listening to the radio, the host stated someone died during their hike. I took a deep breath and said a small prayer. 

The next day while skimming through a few news alerts on my iPhone, I read three different articles of people found dead hiking. My heart dropped as I continued to read. An endurance athlete, a young woman, and an older man were all found dead during a hike a few days ago.  Not to mention the man that fell to his death while hiking with a nine-year-old boy, and the boy had to hike back down the mountain alone. Lastly, a man fell to his death in Linville Gorge mountains in NC in June 2021. My heart and prayers go out to everyone that was affected by the loss of their loved ones.

I am not writing this message to discourage you from hiking or spending time in nature. This message is only to encourage you to be safe and a reminder to practice proper safety.

I return to Great Falls the other day, excited to hit the trail. I did not give much thought to the gear I was wearing. My gear consists of a tank top, bright leggings, and a pair of cute sneakers. I label the sneakers as cute because they are literally just for being cute or walking around. Those sneakers were definitely not for hiking, rock climbing, or anything that requires traction and support. I jumped out of the car and started skipping through the parking lot, excited to explore a new trail. When I was last at Great Falls, I sat for hours with the biggest waterfall, listening and connecting to energy from the water cascading over large rocks. I took pictures, prayed, and released my stress. Before I knew it, it was time to head to the airport to catch my flight home. Although I was in love with that moment, I wanted to do something a little different this visit. 

I wanted to get lost in walking, exploring, and capture different viewpoints. I arrived at a trail that revealed a breathtaking view of unique rock layers and the river. My pace increased as I needed a closer look. Nature’s beauty was everywhere! The view of trees. Some standing tall, roots exposed, and some stretch across the rocks, forming a path to cross or a beautiful photo for photographers or alike. Layers of boulders surrounded this area—some leading to the sky tapping the clouds, while others layered the ground like a beautiful maze. The water was racing to the river’s right, skipping over rocks, causing a splashing and serene sound. My friend sat in awe, taking in the magical moment. My inner child kicked in, and I wanted to skip rocks and put my body in the water. The sign clearly said no swimming, but it did not say, do get your feet wet. 

  **** Always obey the rules posted****

The water was moving rapidly while foam was skating wildly across the top of the Potomac River. I watched full of excitement, ready to run, skip, pick up rocks and have the time of my life. My friend said, you are Nature’s Girl, but you do not have your hiking boots. Please be careful. I respond, ” I’ll be fine, come with me”.  

Headed to the water. Great Falls| Potomac River

Long story short, the rocks were phenomenal, and the water released a burst of energy that lit up my soul. But those sneakers I wore caused me to fall several times. A slip here and there is all it takes to either get seriously hurt or cause anyone to fall to their death. There was a time when I was enjoying the water and slipped pretty hard. My friend stopped recording the video because they thought I got hurt and needed help. At the time, I felt I was having fun, and nothing would happen to me. But after reading the articles of the people who lost their lives, I realized I was careless and reckless. I was careless and reckless because I approached those rocks and water without hiking boots and trekking poles for an extra layer of safety.

My backside was full of dirt from falling. Safety first next time

I do understand that you can still slip and fall wearing hiking boots. But, the reality is the hiking boots provide support and grip that sneakers cannot. 

Nature Lovers. Please wear hiking boots when hiking, walking a long-distance with incline, and challenging terrain.

*Pack your trekking poles so you can use them as needed.

*Travel with water. Preferably in a backpack or vest jacket. It will keep your hands free for balance.

*Carry a Walkie Talkie or Satellite Phone. It may increase the chances of quickly contacting authority in case of emergency.

*Check the weather for the location you are hiking (twice).

*Always let someone know where you are going if you hike alone or with a small child. Alert them of a real-time you may return from your hike if they need to send someone to look for you.

Now this message is not saying that the people who lost their lives done something wrong. This message is only to inform you that sometimes I also get off track. I want to encourage you to provide that extra layer of safety and enjoy nature as much as you can. 

My prayers go out to the families who lost their loved ones. My gratitude goes to the universe for protecting me when I was hardheaded. 

Sunset Great Falls

Peace and blessings.

Nature’s Girl, a.k.a Charlene Bell

Lazy In Nature

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Haha my…🤭

Minnehaha Falls

What do you do after a whole week of working cleaning and hosting a seven-year-old birthday party?  Did you think of having a massive glass of wine? Heck, me too!! However, once the bottle, I meant large glass was empty, my duties were not over. A beautiful two-year-old with tons of energy and personality ran around the house and left a trail in every area she entered and exited. The petite beauty is my adorable granddaughter named Princess Reo. She filled my love bucket with her visit but also helped me realize I desperately need some time to refuel. I felt a little limited of what I could do with the rain, plus I did not want to leave Prince Reo, since she and her mom live almost six hours away. But once they leave it on!! Right? Nope. It was raining like heck. I was Netflix and wined out. 

The next day rain or shine, I was out!! Guess what? Friday, I woke up to rain and more rain. I did not allow that to hold me back. Nature was calling my name, so loudly I thought I have a roommate in my home. Lol, I started searching other states to venture out. Driving time did not matter as long as a beautiful waterfall was there to greet me with a cold mist on my face and a strong sound of its natural water chore singing in my ears. The winning location, Minnehaha! Yes, it is real.

Minnehaha Falls is an extraordinary waterfall located in Lakemont, Georgia. The drive from Charlotte, North Carolina, is usually a little over three and a half hours. However, with the traffic and construction on I85, south, my drive was about four in one-half hours. I did not care because nothing was going to keep me from exploring that waterfall and embracing the opportunity to be Lazy In Nature. Think about it, would you drive that far to snap a picture and leave? Absolute not!

Unpaved Bear Gap Road

My GPS read eleven minutes away. It signals me to turn on a road that I completely missed because the road looked like someone’s driveway. Since my GPS would not re-route me, it forced me to make a u-turn and follow the route. The road appeared to be a one-way and all gravel. I was driving close to homes that looked like beach houses and had a view of one of the most beautiful lakes I have seen in a while. This road was so wired. One wrong jerk of the steering wheel you would end up in someone’s home or the lake. As I proceed across a small bridge with large construction cones, I could hear laughing and yells of people having a good time on the water. I noticed small motorboats, swimmers, and jet skies loaded with happy faces and sounds. Finally, I regained my focus after being noisy. My GPS said I arrived minutes ago. All shhhhhh. Here we go. Lol

Lake Rabun

Remember, I thought this narrow road was a one-way, so I kept going. I drove up to a few people that were walking their dog and asked for directions. They instructed me to keep going until I saw many cars, find somewhere to park, and the entry to the waterfall would be on my right. Whoop Whoop. I started shaking my butt in my car seat and singing with excitement to be in the right place and eager to relax at the waterfall. About three minutes later, I created my own parking space and accepted the fact that my car mirror might get knocked off if a larger truck came down this road. I did not care. I pulled close to the edge of the cliff and hopped out of the car like an excited kid.

The Minnehaha Falls

This waterfall was everything and some. The trail was super short and easy to hike. However, it was a little slippery due to the rain earlier that day. But with hiking boots and slower movement, you should be good. I notice the sound of rushing water coming from the right side of the trail. Tree branches and a few bushes covered it. I did not notice an existing path through, so I created my own. I slide down the steep decline trying hard not to get mud all over my butt. Once I moved a few more branches,  I could clearly see a few broken trees that must have fallen from a storm in the past. Over those trees was a smaller waterfall pouring down into a pool of water. I had this area all to myself. I took off my vest, boots, and socks and started walking through the water, thanking the universe for the beauty it provides. As I played in the natural pool of water, I felt like Princess Reo having a blast in Mother Nature’s house. 

Minnehaha Falls

Lastly, I put my vest, socks, and boots back on to complete the hike. I was not expecting to see this gorgeous multitiered cascading waterfall. It was powerful and breathtaking. I stopped in my tracks to take it all in. I viewed this waterfall online, but it was a totally different feeling experiencing it in person. I felt safe, full, happy, and refreshed as I sat with the falls watching it like a great movie the pulled me in. I asked someone to take my picture so I could share this experience with you. I encourage you to take time for yourself and allow nature to refill your cup. Trust me; there will be no regrets.

Hello, Minnehaha Falls


Nature’s Girl, aka Charlene Bell 

Note: slippery rocks and fast-moving water can be extremely dangerous! Please don’t climb, stand on, swim near, or jump from any waterfall.

Minnehaha Fall, Embrace the journey.

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Protect Your Energy

Historic Yates Mill: The Mill not Meal lol 😆 

My last few days have been filled with giving. Once I was done giving, I had to drive over five hours back to Charlotte, NC. Though my drive was beautiful and my car is sexy as heck!!! I was full of tension and a bit of uneasy. I knew what I needed. I needed to refuel. I started to google waterfalls, hikes, etc. Things were coming up. However, it was taking me hours way from my route to Charlotte. Instead of becoming frustrated, I drove about an hour more then searched again. 

I found a Mill in Raleigh, NC. Perfect!! 

The exit was about 20 mins from the direction I was head. I smile and pressed the Accelerator on Master P, another ten mph. Not disclosing the speed I was now going, I felt excited to explore a new place in nature. 

I introduced to you…. Historic Yates Mill County Park. (That’s a mouth full) 

Yates Mill Pond
Yates Mill Boardwalk

After I recharged. I walked about two miles on the flat trail that was covered with tiny woodchips. The trail wrapped around the large pond. I crossed the wooden boardwalk where two people that were fishing smiled at me while passing.  Once I made a right turn from the bridge, I was back at the parking lot. 

The moment was powerful, and it provided me with what I needed. I felt great. The two-hour drive that I had left was a breeze.

Historic Yates Mill

What do you do to recharge when you feel tension within? 

Embrace the journey 💫

Nature’s Girl, aka Charlene Bell

📍 Historic Gates Mills County Park, Raleigh