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Birthday Celebration: Part I

Beacon Rock State Park

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog, and I thank you for being patient with me. After my fantastic birthday celebration, I developed a double eye infection. After dealing with that for about seven days, I had the worst sinus infection in the World!!! Yes. You’ve read the words correctly. LOL

I slowed down the healing process because I hate meds, and as soon as I started feeling a little better, I stopped taking them, jumped up, and hiked in the rain. Man, did the pain return!! My head and nostrils felt like it was going to explode!! 

Finally, I am better. After playing catch-up in every area of my life, I can sit down and inform you about my birthday celebration. Yay!!

Welcome to chapter 45. After all, I have been through; I am blessed with another trip around the sun. Pop the confetti and get the twerking!! Whoop whoop!! 🎉

My Love, tried to surprise me with a trip to Portland, Oregon but was forced to tell me where we were going because I needed to pack my hiking boots and clothes. You know I had an enormous bag filled with 4-5 dresses, shorts, bathing suits, serval pairs of shoes, sandals, and more. He told me it was only for the weekend, and I did not need that much stuff. Like hell!!! Never say to a lady she’s going away for a trip and don’t disclose where it is. We need our closet with us. Lol. 

Little to say, I reduced the bag size just a little and added my hiking gear. Before my flight, I decided to get my eyelashes done since it was a day before my birthday. Then off to Portland we went. While on the flight, my eyes became itchy. I thought no big deal. Maybe the lashes are causing my eyes to feel dry, and that was causing the itch. Well, 5.5 hours later, we landed. I was so excited!! While waiting for the rental car, my eyes kept filling with tears. Not tears of joy, but tears from irritation, not today, devil!! 💫

I was still a little naïve about what was going on. I thought my eyes were running, and my allergies were acting up because we had to wear the mask the whole flight and while still in the airport building. That would make sense, right? We are going on about 8 hours with a mask covering our face. The reality is I was not going to let anything stop me from enjoying my birthday in Oregon. I knew my surprise, but we will talk about that in part two of this blog, or this blog would turn into a novel. Hahhaha. 

Since it was August 19th and my birthday was on the 20th, we decided to save my surprise until the next day. If you know me, you know what that means. Research time!!! We had our rental car and needed somewhere to go after checking into the hotel with my large, I mean, medium bag. I had a plan.

I found a spot about 55 mins from Portland. Once I am on vacation with a rental car, I do not care if the location is 4-5 hours away. If I want to go, I am going. Lord, I feel sorry for my partner. LOL 😆 

Nearly an hour later, we arrived at Beacon Rock State Park, located in Stevenson, Washington. This place was immaculate! Beacon Rock itself is the core of an ancient volcano. (I know, right!!) It has over 4,400 – acres of land, and it is located in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge. You can do Everything here like camping, hiking, fishing, horse riding, boating, and more. I had to hike this former volcano. On my way up, the experience was nothing short of amazing.  I was in awe of how beautiful mother nature appeared. The air was clean and light. The trees stood erect, greeting each visitor with their unique beauty. The land stayed green as it sipped freshwater as needed from the Columbia River. 

The Trail Up Beacon Rock

The trail up Beacon Rock was built directly onto the side of the rock between 1915 – 1918 by philanthropist Henry Biddle. The trail was well designed and kid-friendly. 

The View of Columbia River Gorge

I felt like a big kid hiking, skipping, and singing all the way up. I felt overwhelmed with how beautiful the view was the whole trail. Once I reached the top, I embraced the panoramic view of the Gorge.

The Top of Beacon Rock, Being Lazy In Nature

I sat for about an hour being Lazy In Nature until my tummy started to growl, alerting me and others that it was time to eat. Lastly, we headed down the trail. Man, I had the same excitement going down as I did going up.

Hiking Break Headed Down Beacon Rock

The colors of the sky began to change, adding a burst of fire, red and orange. The trees looked like a painting. You could not tell I was hungry because I left my friend speed walking, singing, and skipping down the trail. Nature’s beauty gives me energy, and I forward to my next journey. Stay tuned for part two.

Beacon Rock View from the Boating Dock. It looks like a Volcano.

Have you visited Beacon Rock? What was your experience?

Virtual Hugs,

Nature’s Girl, aka Charlene Bell