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Natural Bridge State Park

If you are looking for a spectacular view and a place to excite your soul, Natural Bridge is the place to go! Natural Bridge State Park is a three-and-a-half-hour drive from Charlotte, NC, and it is so worth it. This location is visually beautiful, and you do not have to endure a strenuous hike to embrace this beauty. I am not a big fan of visiting a place just to take a few pictures and leave. I am all about embracing the moment and dancing in the presence of the now. Natural Bridge is beautiful; however, this 215-foot tall natural bridge is also powerful. Once I walk through the bridge, slowly taking in each level and intimate design of the stone, it felt like my charkas lit up.

Natural Bridge State Park

My pace slowed as each breath became deeper. Before I could think about it, my eyes closed, and I chanted, thank you, thank you, thank you. The feeling was energetic but calming. My heart was filled with gratitude, and there was no way I could rush through that moment. Other people were walking by taking pictures, but the moment held my gaze as if the bridge was placed there only for me to connect with it.

Nature Bridge has four trails. We took the Cedar Creek Trail. This trail is less than two-mile-long and dead-ends into a stunning view of Lace Falls. Cedar Creek Trail travels along the Lost River. You cannot help stopping to sit along this stream to just breathe.

Stillness in The Moment

Along the trail, you can stop off to enter Salt Peter Cave. This stop was beautiful and exciting. It was my first time entering an actual cave. I was blown away by the temperature change as you walk deeper into the cave towards the rear walls. There was a cool breeze that caused me to want a thin jacket. But it did not force me to spend less time exploring the cave.

Salt Peter Cave

Another thing I really enjoyed while walking the trail was the butterflies. There were so many yellow and black butterflies flying along the path overlooking the water. It appeared as if they were playing tag. 

Lace Falls

I encourage you to take a day trip or plan to stay the night near Natural Bridge so you too can embrace the journey. You will enjoy a fantastic experience that could last you a lifetime.